Sunday, January 22, 2012

Peyton's Exciting News

After school on Thursday, Peyton was so excited to tell me that her teacher (Mrs. Jensen) asked her to be in accelerated reading. This is the first book she had to read and take a test on. She already brought a new book home on Friday. Funny thing is that she was just asking Mrs. Jensen if she could move over to the "A" group for spelling (easier spelling words) because her spelling words have become a bit more challenging.

A little bit of snow over the weekend.
Grandpa and Grandma came for a visit and were able to take in Peyton's hockey practice. Easton has been sick in bed all weekend. Maybe strep? First test came back negative and we'll hear tomorrow if the second test is positive.
I was just blog hopping and I love Marie's December Daily. Check it out!

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