Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend Update

After hockey practice on Friday night we finally woke up to something new. Basketball! Easton is trying out an into to basketball program at our local YMCA. It will run Saturday mornings for the next five weeks. He seemed to enjoy it. Saturday was a busy day for us. After basketball Peyton and I had to make a quick trip to Target for a birthday gift for one of her friends. Got home just in time to make a birthday card and get her off to the party. While she was having fun at her party Easton and I decided to set up all of his cars and count them. 181! I know we have more in the crawl space. After I picked Peyton up from the party Dad had to go and work at the hockey rink. Sunday Peyton had a hockey game and scored another goal. No school today. Just hanging out.

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